Stop Omar Khadr From Getting $10.5 Million


Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer was killed by a grenade thrown by terrorist Omar Khadr.

Khadr pled guilty to murder and other war crimes and served time in prison before being returned to Canada.

A U.S. court has awarded Mrs. Speer a $134 million settlement in the wrongful death of Sgt. Speer. Mrs. Speer is seeking to have that judgment recognized in a Canadian Court.

Until her case is resolved and justice is obtained, Justin Trudeau has an obligation to press pause on any payments.

Tell Justin Trudeau you want him to “STOP PAYMENT” on any cheque going to Omar Khadr until the widow of the medic he killed has her day in court.

Due to recent actions taken by the Liberals, serving members of the Canadian Forces may wish to use an alternative contact form to safely express their opinion or to relay their message privately to Cheryl.

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