Stop the Posting Allowance Tax


Stop the Posting Allowance Tax

The Trudeau Liberals borrowing binge cannot pay for all their bad spending, so they are looking for people they can tax without a backlash. That is why the posting allowance will now be taxable.

Only in a Liberal Government is the Revenue Minister is more powerful than the Defence Minister.

It is clear that the Minister of Defence cannot defend the women and men, who defend Canada, from being Trudeau’s next tax target.

We need a Minister of Defence who will fight for the Canadian Forces.

Please, join me in telling the Minister of Defence to step up or step down.

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Write to The Minister of Defence and Your Local MP

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    Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan
  • Dear Minister Sajjan,

    The decision by your government to tax the posting allowance is wrong.

    You have failed to defend the women and men who defend Canada.

    We need a Minister who will fight for the Canadian Armed Forces in Cabinet.

    I expect you to demand the Revenue Minister reverse this decision.

    If you cannot stand up for those who wear the uniform, maybe it is time the Prime Minister found a new Defence Minister who can.

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