Remember the Fallen

As we approach November 11th this year, I am asking constituents to remember Canada’s mission to Afghanistan.

In November 2010, Canada announced a new role for its continued engagement in Afghanistan to 2014. Our goal is to help Afghans rebuild Afghanistan into a viable country that is better governed, more stable and secure, and never again a safe haven for terrorists.

There is no question that our involvement was the right thing to do. My concern continues to be for those soldiers who sustained injuries. Not since the Korean War had Canada made such an overseas commitment to world peace and stability as we did in Afghanistan.

Much of what we learned previously has to be re-learned. This process is on-going. The good news is that advances in medical know-how means that injuries can be successfully treated to help re-integrate military members into society at large. Afghanistan is in transition, hopefully for the better.

Honouring our Soldiers

We stand in honour of our soldiers and civilian professionals who were injured while serving in Afghanistan, as well as those who deployed to Afghanistan in support of Canada’s mission or who provided support to the engagement from home. Canadians also stand in honour of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The sorrow of losing sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and fathers and mothers is beyond words. The dedication of our soldiers and civilian professionals, their heroism, and the sacrifice of their lives to protect and improve the lives of the Afghan people will always be remembered and honoured.

This November 11th, as we remember all who have made sacrifices, let us not forget our most recent conflict. The legacy of their courage and the impact of their effort cannot be ignored.

To the families of the fallen, who are now living with unimaginable grief and loss, you will forever be in our thoughts and prayers.

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