Rural Internet

  • Dear CRTC,

    During the lockdowns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians living in rural areas are being further exploited by Canada’s internet providers.

    Canada’s largest telecommunications companies promised to lift caps on all internet data usage for the pandemic. It is not the case.

    For Canadians in rural areas, who rely on wireless, satellite, or mobile internet hub systems to connect, the caps on data usage have not been lifted.

    While Canadians living in cities can enjoy unlimited highspeed internet for about $50 a month, rural dwellers must pay $145 a month for 100GB, and then $5 for each GB on additionally every month.

    With increased streaming, internet usage, and mandatory e-learning from home, rural families are quickly exceeding their limits, and incurring inflated internet charges.

    All customers should be treated fairly. Telecoms must not be allowed to exploit the pandemic crisis. The CRTC has a responsibility to protect the rights of consumers in harmony with Provincial legislative action that penalized price gouging in Ontario.

    I am requesting the CRTC take immediate action to end the glaring disparity in treatment between urban and rural Canada the pandemic crisis has exposed.

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