How CRA is making secret deductions before the deadline


Canada Revenue Agency is out of control.

The Minister is asleep at the switch.

Across the country Canadians have been filing their taxes to pay for Liberal bad spending.

Normally, when Canadians complete their taxes they have until April 30th to pay their balances.

But the Liberal appetite for tax dollars is so great, CRA isn’t waiting until the deadline to start collecting.

Instead CRA is withholding benefits to low income seniors until the balance is cleared.

They’re seeing deductions on their monthly Trillium cheques, and their Senior Property Tax Grant payments.

Most Canadians won’t find out about these secret stealth deductions until after they have sent CRA a cheque for money they no longer owe.

Worst of all, CRA won’t return the extra money sent in; they just apply it to next year’s tax bill.

Secretly deducting before the deadline is wrong.

Only a callous government, desperate for cash would allow this to happen.

Each day until April 30th, more and more Canadians will impacted by these secret stealth deductions.

Tell the Minister to stop the secret siphoning now.

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Tell CRA to Stop the Secret Deductions Before the Deadline

  • Dear Minister of Revenue,

    Canada Revenue Agency’s decision to secretly deduct payments for taxes, before the deadline to pay those taxes, is hurting Canadians.

    This policy is particularly harmful to low income Canadians and seniors on fixed incomes.

    Deducting before the deadline is wrong.

    Doing it in secret is an outrage.

    Please, instruct the Canada Revenue Agency to immediately stop this practice of making secret deductions before the tax filing deadline.

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