Send a Valentine to the Canadian Forces

During the holiday season many of us turn our thoughts and prayers to Canada’s brave men and women in uniform serving in distant missions. This year I wanted to share with you the chance to send a special message to some of those Canadians.

Print this pdf and you will find 14 different locations in the world where the Canadian Forces have active operations or missions. With some of the distances involved I wanted to give you the time to ensure a Valentines message can reach a Canadian Soldier, Sailor, or Airmen.

While Libya and Afghanistan have been top of mind, the Canadian Forces are on active Operations in countries across the world and working on dedicated missions at NORAD, NATO,  as well as serving at sea and at Canada’s northern most outpost CFS Alert.

From Haiti to Sierra Leone, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Canadians are ensuring our nations security, working with our allies, and protecting families suffering from conflict or disaster. Send them a kind message to show your support.

Send A Valentine


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