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Trudeau Tax Targets Pensioners

Trudeau’s plans to tax employer sponsored health plans will be especially painful for retired Canadians on fixed incomes. Some companies still offer health benefit plans to retired employees. While more and more companies require pensioners to pay for portions of their health benefit plans, they still provide large tax free benefits. According to a Conference […]

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Trudeau Wants to Tax You Blind

The short-sighted decision by the Toronto Liberals to cut eye exams from OHIP for adults aged 20 to 64 led to an increase in blindness among Ontario residents. Blinded by ever increasing budget deficits, the move to tax employer-sponsored health plans by the Trudeau Liberals is just another tax grab at the expense of your health. […]

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Trudeau Tax Target: Health Plans

Trudeau’s appetite for new taxes is insatiable. He won’t stop until every last dollar in your pocket has been gobbled up. The latest #TrudeauTaxTarget is employer sponsored health plans . The Liberals are looking to treat health plans as income, and tax them. Health plans cover important preventive care measures like vision care, mental health […]

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