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Is the Money Worth It?

Recognizing a political opportunity the pandemic has created by forcing millions of Canadians to work from home, for the 2020 tax year, the Trudeau government is encouraging taxpayers to take advantage of a $400 Home Office Expense Deduction. “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset,” Trudeau in a pre-recorded message told the conference […]

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hard drugs

Trudeau just decriminalized hard drugs

Justin Trudeau claims he just had to prorogue Parliament in order to plan for recovery. European countries have already implemented their plans. The Liberals are stretching out the democracy lockdown as long as they can. He says it has nothing to do with shutting down committees investigating the WE Charity-Trudeau Family Scandal. Now that he […]

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Robert Regier, Zola Farms, July 25

Why Food Prices Continue The Steep Rise

The harsh reality is, many Canadians are paying substantially more for groceries, making eating healthier more of a challenge, and the cost will continue to increase. The Average Canadian family will pay $400 more for groceries in 2019. The price of fresh vegetables has increased by 15% in the past year. 46% of Canadians are […]

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MP Cheryl Gallant attends NATO PA Assembly 1200

Report From Parliament

As your Federal Member of Parliament, a regular question I get is “Why is Canada’s deficit so high?” and “Why does this government think it can spend more than it collects in taxes?” These questions are particularly important to Veterans, who are lectured to, by an insensitive Prime Minister, Municipalities, who are waiting on promises […]

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Four Horsemen of the Liberal Apocalypse


 The Little Book of Lies First, the bad news about the fall economic statement delivered by the federal government. Liberal policy to load today’s economy with future tax increases will burden your children. The debt burden for your children will first be your burden as the federal carbon tax starts in little more than a […]

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MP Cheryl Gallant with Robert Regier of Renfrew Agri Systems at the Schuurman family dairy farm 1200

Trudeau Caved: What His Latest Failure Means For You

The decision by the Liberal Party of Trudeau to sell out Canadian agricultural producers, in this case dairy farmers, by failing to protect farmers, consumers and taxpayers during trade negotiations with our largest trading partner, is more bad news for Canadians already suffering from huge debt and taxation levels. The sell-out was inevitable, considering how […]

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Scary Looking Gun Hunt

Trudeau Whips Out His Fake Stats

With so much misinformation being pushed out by people with an agenda, it has been refreshing to see journalists like Global News’ Matt Gurney and CBC’s Evan Dyer, provide Canadians with a fuller picture of the facts, pushing back against anti-firearm propaganda being used by some police, politicians and activists. Matt Gurney’s article, Data shows Toronto’s gun […]

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