The harsh reality is, many Canadians are paying substantially more for groceries, making eating healthier more of a challenge, and the cost will continue to increase. The Average Canadian family will pay $400 more for groceries in 2019. The price of fresh vegetables has increased by 15% in the past year. 46% of Canadians are within $200 of insolvency each month.

The revised Canada Food Guide downgraded the important nutritional benefits of meat and dairy products by asking Canadians to eat more plant-based proteins. The Canada Food Guide is not based on factual, science-based research. The new Trudeau Liberal food guide ignores a growing body of evidence that shows the importance of dairy and meat in a healthy diet. The Trudeau Liberal government plans to revise food-labelling practices that would also negatively impact our agricultural industry. Experts suggest that proposed front-of-package labelling requirements could be misleading to consumers.

Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke has an agricultural industry that is a significant employer. Family farms are small businesses and the Trudeau Liberals are making it harder for these farms to remain in family hands. The current government has continuously shown a complete lack of interest in defending Canada’s agricultural industry. 

The New NAFTA (CUSMA) brings a disadvantage to all Canadian farmers. The job killing Carbon Tax increases costs for all. CPP and EI premiums hikes; personal income tax rates jacked up for entrepreneurs; and changes to the small business tax rate will disqualify thousands of local businesses from the preferred rate. All these mean additional costs for produce at your local markets. These increases will be passed unto you “the consumer”. It is a “no win situation” for everyone.

The new Trudeau Liberal food guide shows how they truly do not understand the increasing financial hardship and time constraints everyday Canadians face.

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