Killaloe, Ontario– Cheryl Gallant, MP Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke helped raise awareness about breast cancer screening by joining the “Pink Tour” when it rolled into Killaloe recently.

“I was pleased to accept the invitation from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to participate in the Pink Tour. Figures from the most recent year show that only 67% of eligible women were screened. Bus visitors are able to sign up on the spot for a mammogram with the Ontario Breast Screening Program,” said MP Cheryl Gallant.

The pink tour bus is travelling across the province this summer to highlight the importance of early detection of cancer. In the case of breast cancer, as is the case with all types of cancer, the earlier it is discovered the greater the range of treatment options and a better chance of survival.

“It was my privilege to support a Conservative colleague from Barrie, Patrick Brown, MP. Patrick successfully introduced Private Member’s Bill C-314, The Breast Density Awareness Act during this most recent session of Parliament.

The Breast Density Awareness Act is an enactment requiring the Government of Canada to encourage the use of existing initiatives in order to increase awareness among women about the implications of heterogeneous or dense breast tissue for breast cancer screening. This will help assist women and health care providers in making well-informed decisions regarding screening.

“This bill enhances breast cancer screening in Canada. Far too many Canadians have lost their lives to breast cancer. Early detection saves lives and this bill is squarely focused on early detection,” stated Cheryl Gallant, MP.

The Canadian Cancer Society predicts that, in 2011, an estimated 23,400 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, from which 5,100 of them will die. Breast cancer screening services are provided by the provinces and territories, as they are responsible for the delivery of health care in their jurisdictions

The Government of Canada facilitates the identification and adoption of effective practices and the sharing of information on screening methods and outcomes through its roles in research and surveillance, and through its programs and networks supports the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer to accelerate pan-Canadian implementation of effective cancer prevention, early detection and treatment, and to improve the quality of life of those living with cancer. The Canadian Institutes of Health Research funds researchers to investigate the full spectrum of cancer prevention and control, including breast cancer.

Through the Canadian Breast Cancer Screening Initiative, the Public Health Agency of Canada collaborates with provincial and territorial governments to monitor the performance of organized breast cancer screening programs, including those monitoring breast density and its implications for screening. The Canadian Cancer Society and women’s health organizations play important roles in providing reliable information that support evidence-based decisions.

Elsa Steenburg; Tracy Thibault; Debbie Murack; Cheryl Gallant, MP; Pauline Sedgman, Mgr. CIBC Killaloe; Bev Stoppa

Cheryl Gallant, MP; Jia Qi Wu, Pembroke Shoppers Drug Mart; Sandra Palmaro, CEO Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation; Pembroke Mayor Ed Jacyno; Kyle Robinson

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