Cheryl Gallant, MP in conversation with local Renfrew County farmer Tom Ryan
Cheryl Gallant, MP in conversation with local Renfrew County farmer Tom Ryan

Cobden, Ontario – Cheryl Gallant, MP recently met with Renfrew County farmers at the weekly livestock auction at the Cobden sale barn to find out first-hand the state of their industry.

“On behalf of area livestock producers, I am pleased to thank residents for their continuing support of local farmers,” stated Cheryl Gallant, MP. “The quality of the Canadian food supply chain is second to none, both here at home and around the world. That is as true today as it will be next week or next year.”

“This summer, in addition to the regular challenges farmers face, we have had to deal with extreme drought in parts of this county, and now a problem in a western Canadian meat packing plant. While I am confident that the Minister of Agriculture is working to resolve this situation as quickly as possible, consumer confidence is something that is earned, not given. Whatever needs to be fixed must happen immediately.”

Canadians benefit from a strengthened food safety system from gate to plate with support from the Federal Government. Canadian farmers produce safe, high-quality food. A recent investment of over $415,000 to help the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) update its existing Trucking Food Safety Program to include the latest food safety standards, regulations, and practices is just one of the many ways we meet this goal.

These improvements reduce the risk of food contamination beyond the farm gate and give food processors, distributors, and retailers more confidence that their products are handled properly during transportation. A strong food safety system also reassures Canadians of the safety of their food, which in turn helps to boost the bottom lines of farmers.

“When it comes to the safe preparation of food, nothing has changed. Always wash fresh vegetables and make sure any meat is properly cooked. It is common sense,” observed MP Gallant. “The problem at an Alberta packing plant is being exploited by the political opposition in Ottawa in total disregard to the facts. Just like the challenge we had in the livestock industry several years ago, I am confident that valley residents will stand behind our agricultural community.”

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