Allow me to express my appreciation to those individuals who took the time to voice their concern regarding my health and well-being in the aftermath of the events of the week of October 19th. Thank-you. Let us all pay tribute to two outstanding Canadians who served their country as members of Canada’s military, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. They died senselessly as sure as all acts of violence are senseless.

While we have learned much in the ensuing days after the attacks, and will undoubtedly learn more, Canada remains the best place to live in the world. What has been a disappointment is the response, which was almost immediate, from the radical left that now controls the official opposition in Ottawa.

Their enablers in the left-wing media have been publishing every kooky conspiracy theory imaginable. Regardless of what the looney left would like you to believe, the terrorism threat is real, and it is here. The challenge is to be prudent in our approach while providing a reasonable level of protection for people who serve their country in uniform, or work in our nation’s capital, and at the same time preserving the freedom of movement in our country, which is the sign of a mature democracy.

The test in our society is when every crackpot is given a soapbox, the number of impressionable young minds that are corrupted. Students for example, away from home for the first time, with no life experience to guide them, can be pushed over the edge as they live in their own little world divorced from reality, away from the balance of family and friends. When does one graduate from being an internet troll, writing nasty letters and posting hateful comments, to taking direct action for whatever crazy cause? One thing is certain, we all bear the burden of responsibility to make sure the re-occurrence of recent events become a distant memory, never to be repeated.

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