The decision by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take a realistic, balanced approach to concerns over  climate change by not pushing for risky “man-made global warming” Toronto liberal tax grab schemes like carbon taxes and making the cost of electricity unaffordable in Ontario, protects jobs and secures our economy.

The terms “climate change” and “global warming” are not interchangeable. For example, the climate is always changing while it is not always getting warmer. Climate change is one of the most complex scientific issues we have ever attempted to resolve. Thousands of factors, many we fully do not understand are at play.

Alarmist claims about “man-made” global warming have cost the Ontario economy tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs, while making a group of liberal party insiders extremely wealthy with industrial wind turbine contracts that generate electricity we do not need at prices we cannot afford. The Ontario Energy Board recently disclosed that 570,000 households in Ontario (13% of the electricity customer base) are living in energy poverty.

If our Federal Conservative Government accepted the alarmist claims of the opposition in Ottawa and the big city media, locally, there would be no more jobs in the working forest. You would not be reading the newspaper that prints this Report From Parliament as paper is made from trees.

In the claim of global warming, Canada Post has been severely attacked by the postal workers’ union, for the delivery of advertising (ad or junk) mail (made from paper), which is 80% of what is delivered by letter carriers. Even more irresponsible, the Opposition in Ottawa answer is to pay letter carriers to walk around with empty mail bags. Naively for local Canada Post employees who deliver mail, the anti-admail campaign is in association with extremist environmental organizations whose campaign against admail would make their jobs obsolete.

Livestock producers would be put out of business as these extremists believe we all should be plant eaters only. Forget about personal transportation, which is a necessity for those of us who do not have access to public transit, particularly in rural areas.

As the first elected representative at the Federal or Provincial level to question the economics of industrial wind turbines, I am not afraid to take so-called unpopular stands in defence of my constituents. You can always count on my support to represent your best interests in Ottawa.

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