The announcement by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) that Pembroke employer SRB Technologies (Canada) Inc.’s operating licence was renewed for 7 years was not only great news for the 43 workers at the manufacturing facility. It was good news for the thousands of employees and their families in the Upper Ottawa Valley who depend on a healthy, vibrant nuclear industry for their jobs.

A local success story in business since 1990, SRBT in the last several years has increased its workforce from 15 to 43 employees. They manufacture self-luminating exit signs, among other products, using tritium, which is a nuclear substance.

The decision to renew SRBT’s operating licence confirmed that unlike the Opposition in Ottawa, our Conservative Government respects science and scientific decision-making. Several opponents to the nuclear industry, including a local failed NDP candidate, tried to raise issues during the licence hearing that were quickly identified as “alarmist or unfounded.” The CNSC went on to state in their Record of Proceedings that “as a regulator, the Commission is basing its decisions on scientific results that are accepted and reflected in documents and recommendations of leading international organizations such as the IAEA, World Health Organization, etc. The CNSC had to remind “all hearing participants that it is not acceptable to use false statements and incorrect data in submissions that are presented to the Commission and to the public.”

Too often today, all Canadians hear from the Opposition are false statements, whether it is about the economy, energy, safety and security or Canada’s world class nuclear industry. These individuals spread false information with the intention to harm. Luckily for the people working at SRBT in Pembroke, their jobs were saved. People who have not been so lucky are those who have lost their jobs because of alarmist claims about energy and the environment. Excessive electricity rates, driven by climate change extremists are hollowing out the manufacturing sector in Ontario. The mistakes being made in Ontario must not be repeated federally. We cannot afford it. As your Federal Member of Parliament, I will not chase unproven theories or fads like so-called “green jobs” that have been proven in other countries to kill existing employment.

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