Now the October 19th 2015 Federal Election is over, it did not take long for the American political operatives who played a prominent role as advisors to the Trudeau campaign to come looking for payback. The decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline will come at a great cost to the Canadian consumer and Canadian jobs.

The recent rise in prices at the gas pumps is a foreshadowing of price shocks to come with this failure to protect Canadian consumers and the Canadian economy.

The Keystone XL Pipeline would have delivered to market oil produced in Canada according to the world’s highest environmental standards. It would have increased the price for Canadian oil sold abroad by bringing it to Gulf of Mexico refineries, where it could fetch the real global price. Canada currently sells its oil at a big discount, because our oil exports are largely landlocked in the United States. Keystone represented thousands of good Canadian jobs, and enormous new wealth for our country.

This rejection by the U.S. President, the first, major Canadian foreign policy setback in over a decade, has nothing to do with the environment or climate change. It is all about money.

For years, the Liberal Party and Trudeau said that our Conservative government failed to secure US approval of the Keystone Pipeline because we had not imposed a damaging carbon tax on Canadians to fight so-called man-made global warming. Moving Canadian oil more safely by pipelines, rather than on roads or railways is better for the environment.

The Liberals are now in power with a plan to raise taxes, starting with a de facto carbon tax on everything you buy, (which was the old price for approving Keystone). It is immediately obvious; the pay-off to Trudeau’s American handlers was rejecting Keystone. The fix was in.

It will make the rich American backers of the U.S. President even richer as Canadians are forced to sell Canadian energy exports at lower prices. By lacking an environmentally safe, efficient means to move Canadian energy to market, Canada loses billions of dollars every year by being forced to sell at a discount into the American market as a captive seller.

What other secret, backroom deals have been made to the American advisors of the Trudeau administration?

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