The TrudeauWynne Liberals are at it again. Instead of merely slapping you with new carbon taxes then wasting the money you send them on ‘economic development’ in Liberal ridings, they are actually putting your life at risk.

Last week we learned the Trudeau Liberals decision to politically interfere with the development of a new Civic Hospital in Ottawa could result in it being harder for you to get to. If you are just visiting a family member in the hospital it might mean an extra 15 to 20 minutes maneuvering through city traffic, but if you are in the back of the ambulance being rushed to the hospital, that delay could prove fatal.

Unfortunately, because of decisions by the Wynne Liberals and the City of Ottawa, you might not even have an ambulance available to take you the hospital. In Ontario, when you call for an ambulance the closest one comes to you regardless of which side of a municipal border you are on. This policy saved lives and when cities or towns paid each other back for using the other’s ambulances the policy was also fair.

Fair until the Wynne Liberals changed the law. Now cities don’t have to pay when they use another city or town’s ambulances. Ottawa finally decided it was not going to pay Renfrew County back when they use our ambulances. Worse, Ottawa has relocated paramedics closer to the urban core and left the rural parts of Ottawa uncovered.


In 2014, after a lengthy review and lots of study, the Ottawa Hospital determined the best location for a new Civic Campus was across the street from the old Civic Hospital. Our Conservative Government approved the request to transfer a portion of the federal land to the Ottawa Hospital. Construction of a new hospital was set to begin, but the election of the Trudeau Liberals put a stop to the building.

With their typical arrogance, the Liberals decided the Heritage Minister from Montreal would be better suited to deciding where in Ottawa to build a hospital. Trudeau had his Minister tell the NCC to conduct new consultations and find a “better” spot.

The Liberals ignored the advice of bureaucrats in Public Works, who as far back as June had warned against including Tunney’s Pasture as a possible site. They ignored the concerns of the Hospital Board about traffic and ambulance access.

They will ignore all the evidence that doesn’t support their conclusion, just like they did with the Sea Kings and just like they are now doing with the CF-18s. Overturning Conservative Government decisions, no matter the cost, to your wallet or your life, is the most important Liberal priority. It’s just pure political vindictiveness.

Co-Sign My Letter

  • Dear Minister McKenna,

    The proposal for the Ottawa Hospital to be located at Tunney's Pasture puts it too far from the Queensway Exit, and even further from the Heart Institute. The Ottawa Hospital cannot afford the costs of removing the buildings from Tunney’s and a the NCC’s proposed timeline of twenty years is too long.

    Any further delays are unnecessary.

    Please, allow the original plan to build a new Civic Hospital across the street from the current location to proceed.

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