With the start of the New Year, taxpayers should rightly ask what will be left in their pockets with the new Carbon Tax that came into effect January 1st.

This new Federal Carbon Tax being collected by the Toronto Liberals is in addition to the Global Adjustment/Carbon Tax that Ontario taxpayers already pay with their electricity bills.

The difference now is the Carbon Tax on electricity that has created energy poverty among seniors, students and anyone else on a fixed income will now be added to the bills of people who heat with natural gas or oil.

As another tax on top of the layers of taxes consumers already pay for gasoline, the new Trudeau Carbon Tax will drive up the price of food and other essentials shipped by truck.

Since the non-partisan Parliamentary Budget Office has confirmed the reason Trudeau used to plunge Canada into deficit, spending on infrastructure, is not happening, where are all your collected taxes, including the new Trudeau Carbon Tax, going?

It is not going to healthcare, as the Federal government is cutting its funding to the provinces by $30 billion over the next 10 years.

Nor is the funding going to the people who make our borders secure, Canada’s Armed Forces or our Veterans, who were promised the world the last election, yet are actually seeing a reduction in the care they receive as witnessed by the tragic events in Nova Scotia recently.

So, where are your hard-earned tax dollars going?  Canada has written a $13-million cheque for Vietnamese farmers. There’s another $15 million for “job training in Africa,” and $14.2 million for infrastructure in Indonesia. $2.6 billion was gifted to developing nations to combat climate change.

At November’s Summit of La Francophonie in Madagascar, Trudeau gave $112 million to Haiti and several African countries. We are also spending tens of millions to renovate 24 Sussex Dr., the Prime Minister’s residence.

While communities in Renfrew County wonder if they will receive federal funding under the Community Infrastructure Program celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, cheques were given out for $13,482 for a picnic shelter in New Brunswick, tennis courts, flagpoles, a gazebo, and who knows what else.

In fact over last summer, between taxpayer-funded foreign trips and his private-island vacation visit with a major foreign-aid recipient, Trudeau wrote 1,447 cheques for almost $8 billion.

It is not your imagination.

Your wallet is shrinking.

Who knows what will be Left in your pocket after 4 years of out-of-control spending?

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