Trudeau’s appetite for new taxes is insatiable. He won’t stop until every last dollar in your pocket has been gobbled up.

The latest #TrudeauTaxTarget is employer sponsored health plans . The Liberals are looking to treat health plans as income, and tax them. Health plans cover important preventive care measures like vision care, mental health services, prescription drugs and physiotherapy.

Taxing health plans could very well end up costing taxpayers money in additional healthcare costs.

When the Province of Quebec began to tax these health plans, companies cut back and the number of people with additional health coverage dropped. With an aging population, the last thing we need is for Canadians to have less health coverage.

Just as with the Netflix tax, the Liberals are trying to spin this new tax by saying it is about fairness. For Liberals, the fair solution to any problem is for everybody to pay higher taxes.

Once again, Trudeau’s out of control spending is putting Canadians’ health at risk.

We need to tell Trudeau that health plans should not become the latest Trudeau Tax Target.

Trudeau Tax Target

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