Trudeau’s plans to tax employer sponsored health plans will be especially painful for retired Canadians on fixed incomes.

Some companies still offer health benefit plans to retired employees. While more and more companies require pensioners to pay for portions of their health benefit plans, they still provide large tax free benefits.

According to a Conference Board of Canada report, the average cost to a company to provide a plan is $8,330. Depending on how much pensioners contribute to their health plans, they could have additional tax burdens of $800-$1,600 per year.

For pensioners on fixed incomes already facing the TrudeauWynne Carbon Tax, this new health tax could wipe them out financially. If they opt out of their health plans to avoid being hit with Trudeau’s tax, they put their health at greater risk.

Retired Canadians paid taxes all their working lives. Much of it went to pay for Pierre Trudeau’s out of control spending. Having worked hard their whole lives, now they will be punished for Justin’s out of control spending.

If Trudeau’s health tax could hurt you, share your story in the comment field below, or use the form to send me a private message.

Please, share this message from me with anyone else you know who could suffer from this tax as well.

We can still stop Trudeau from sneaking this new tax into the next budget, but only if more Canadians know about it and speak out!

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