You might have heard the Liberals’ 2017 Budget announced $950 million would be spent on a new SuperCluster program.

The CBC included it as a highlight, the Sun mocked it, and Maclean’s criticized it as just another example of bad economic policy.

It’s only when you read the fine print of the budget that you learn where the money is coming from.

It’s being, in their words, “reprofiled”, or taken, from other programs, specifically, $150 million from their green infrastructure fund, and the bulk, $800 million, is being taken from the Cluster program they announced in Budget 2016.

This is a perfect example of the Liberals’ approach to government.

They announce $800 million for a cluster program last year, realize they have no idea how to spend a cluster into existence so they don’t use the money, and still put us in a deficit.

Then repackage it for 2017 as a SuperCluster program, and think we won’t notice.

It shows their arrogance, cynicism and incompetence all wrapped up in a cluster fund.


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