Bill C-51 was introduced by the Trudeau Liberals just days before Parliament broke for the summer.

It is a crime to unlawfully obstruct, threaten or harm a religious official before, during, or after they perform a religious service. It is also a crime to interrupt or disturb a religious service. The Liberals want to take this protection away.

At a time when hate crimes against religious communities across Canada are significantly increasing, the Trudeau Liberals quietly tried to strike the protections of the clergy from the law.

Through the vocal support from thousands of people like you, we have kept the protection – for now.

I am concerned the Liberals may try to strike the protection again when the bill comes up for a final vote in the House of Commons.

Please, join me in keeping the pressure on the Liberals by co-signing a letter to the Justice Minister urging her to keep religious protection in law until the bill makes its way through the entire legislative process.

Co-Sign My Letter To The Liberal Minister of Justice

  • Dear Minister,

    Religious freedoms and protections are fundamental to Canadians.

    Disturbing a religious service is a very serious offence, and should not be treated as mere mischief.

    We ask that you do not restore Clause 14 at any stage of Bill C-51’s legislative process.

    Cheryl Gallant, M.P.


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