I am pleased to confirm  applications are now open, with over 15 million dollars available from existing federal environmental funding programs, for the 2018-19 season for environmental programs for projects like the clean-up of Muskrat Lake.

We have a serious toxic algae problem in Muskrat Lake. I encourage the Muskrat Lake Watershed Council and any other interested groups to apply for this funding. It’s time to take action.

The Government of Canada says it wants to hear from Canadians about the Ottawa River watershed.

Anyone who is concerned about the water quality of Muskrat Lake can do so through my website.

The more residents who tell the government it is time to clean-up Muskrat Lake, the greater likelihood something might happen.

As the Muskrat is a water body that drains into the Ottawa River, you cannot be concerned about the water quality of the Ottawa River and not be concerned about the water quality of Muskrat Lake.

Residents do not want another study telling them there is a problem. They are not interested in more rules and regulations that restrict their rights as private property owners.

They have a right to enjoy fresh, clean water like anyone else. They want something done.

The Minister of Environment has stated she has a personal connection to the Ottawa River, just like us. We live near the river, we swim in it, paddle on it and get our drinking water from it. This is her opportunity to put words into action.

EcoAction Community Funding Program is now accepting applications for funding until March 21, 2018, for projects beginning summer 2018. Funding is available for new projects that achieve the environmental result of clean, fresh water quality and conservation.

Information for applicants can be found online at www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/environmental-funding/ecoaction-community-program/ .

One of the projects that have been funded in the past, was for the prevention of toxic and nuisance algae in Lake Erie.  If the federal government can find funding for a body of water the size of Lake Erie to solve the problem, Muskrat Lake deserves attention also.

In addition to the website, public meetings are planned in Ottawa on February 8th and Gatineau on March 1st, on the Ottawa River watershed. Residents are encouraged to participate.

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