Ottawa, Ontario… Cheryl Gallant, MP, was pleased recently to play host to Outdoors Sportsman and Television personality Bob Izumi in Ottawa recently. Bob was in Ottawa to address the Parliamentary Outdoors Caucus regarding the importance to our local economy of the multi-billion dollar sport fishing industry. Cheryl is a founding member of the Outdoors Caucus. Membership is extended to all political parties.

“Bob and I grew up in the same small community, so it was a personal honour to welcome him and his message to Ottawa,” observed MP Gallant.

In 1979 Bob Izumi became Canada’s first full-time professional fisherman. As the host of Canada’s longest running fishing show, Bob Izumi is recognized as an authoritative sport fishing expert. Bob is a successful tournament fisherman, an author, seminar speaker, conservationist, television personality and radio show host.

“The mission of the Parliamentary Outdoors Caucus is to entrench in law fishing, hunting, trapping and shooting sports as acceptable, traditional, environmentally–sustainable outdoor heritage activities with a safety credo and a conservation ethic as our highest priority,” stated Cheryl Gallant, MP. “As someone who opposed the long-gun registry from the day I was first elected, I look forward to voting in favour of scrapping the registry this session.”

“I was very perturbed by an item I received from the Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA) about the threat to rural Ontario by large, well-funded, US-based environmental special interest groups. These groups, who appear to have the support of the provincial government in Toronto, want to put a stop to Canadian heritage activities like forestry and hunting.”

“Our group, with the help of outdoor sportsmen like Bob Izumi,  work to increase awareness of the economic importance of outdoor heritage activities to Canada’s economy, and we work to dispel the myths that are perpetuated by outside funded special interest groups and their corroborators. To this end, we support multiple sustainable uses and management of public lands, waters, fish, wildlife, and habitat, based on sound science and professional natural resource tenets, for the benefit of all Canadians.” concluded Cheryl Gallant, MP.

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