Jackie & Ed Schroeder stand on the spot where field was so dry it caught fire when the tractor motor moved over it during the noonday sun.

Eganville, Ontario – Cheryl Gallant, Member of Parliament for Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke, reminds farmers: Five years ago our Federal Conservative Government implemented the “Growing Forward” framework agreement which laid the groundwork for coordinated federal-provincial action to help the agricultural sector become more prosperous, competitive and innovative. It contains the Business Risk Management (BRM) program suite launched on April 1, 2008. At that time I invited local producers to an information meeting on how the programs work.” Currently, the BRM suite includes:

  • AgriInvest, a savings account for producers, supported by governments, which provides coverage for small income declines and allows for investments that help mitigate risks or improve market income;
  • AgriStability, which provides support when a producer experiences larger farm income losses & declines of more than 15% in a producer’s average income from previous years;
  • AgriInsurance, a pre-existing program which includes insurance against production losses for specified perils (weather, pests, disease) and is being expanded to include more commodities;
  • Advance Payments Program (APP), to help crop and livestock producers with cash flow and provides flexibility for marketing of commodities; and
  • AgriRecovery, a disaster relief framework which provides a coordinated process for federal, provincial and territorial governments to respond rapidly when disasters strike, filling gaps not covered by existing programs.

Since these are due to expire March 31, 2013, Gallant is asking farmers to provide suggestions and ideas for Growing Forward 2, to ensure future programs meet the needs of local farmers. She invites all farmers to a Consultation Meeting on Monday, August 27 at the Royal Canadian Legion – Branch 148, 30 Raglan Street South in Renfrew, 7:00PM – 8:30 PM.

“With the worst drought conditions experienced in decades, it is the time to assess what is working, and what is not. I need to hear how the recent severe weather conditions have impacted the farm operations I haven’t had a chance to visit yet, so I’m hoping for a good turn-out”, concluded Gallant.

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