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MP Gallant Gives Red Light to using Military Soldiers as COVID-19 Vaccine Test Subjects

Canadian military members should not be used as test subjects for the Ad5-nCoV vaccine given the green light for use in members of the Chinese military. News that the vaccine developed under the supervision of the Chinese military has already been approved for human testing in Canada, raises the concern that Canadian Military members will […]

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Why Paying Off the Media is Wrong

The first line in a story found only in the independent media said it all: “Publishers who take federal press subsidies should demonstrate ‘fair balance’ in content.” (Peter Julian MP June 2, 2020 – Standing Committee on Finance, as reported by Blacklock’s Reporter) Recently, an opinion piece masquerading as news showed up with the weekly […]

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I am calling on the Liberal Government to close the loophole in the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), which allows companies to charge fees for completing CERB applications. The Liberals are letting these tax credit promoters profit off a pandemic while scaring citizens from applying for CERB. The Liberals added penalties for fraud, but left […]

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Lawful Firearms Owners Risk Arrest

I am calling on Public Safety Minister Bill Blair to immediately allow the public to do searches on the RCMP Firearms Reference Table to prevent further criminalizing law-abiding firearms owners. The bureaucrats have posted a separate document on the internet for the public. The problem being it is outdated leaving lawful firearms owners at risk […]

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Canadians Face Greatest Threat To Privacy Ever

Justin Trudeau has cancelled Parliament, is confiscating private property, and is now ‘strongly recommending’ a potentially invasive government tracking app for our phones. The Canadian government claims it will offer contact tracing apps on a voluntary basis. That may not always be the case. The Emergencies Act grants the government extraordinary powers. Trudeau sought to […]

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Seeking Ammunition For Highspeed

Today’s digital economy means affordable, reliable access to consistent high-speed internet is a determinant to economic productivity, and individual equality of opportunity. Despite the CRTC designating broadband as an essential service more than 5 years ago, many Canadians in rural and remote regions still do not have consistent access to this essential service. This issue […]

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Local homeowner has raised home to stay above water

Canadians need to have at least as many Property Rights as Foreign Investors

The newly-signed Canada/United States/Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) on free trade provides greater property rights protections for foreign investors than currently exist for Canadians. Canadians should enjoy at least the same private property rights as foreigners who invest in Canada. I recently introduced legislation, Bill C-222, An Act to amend the federal Expropriation Act (protection of private […]

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Reviewing areas damaged by high water on Wolfe Island with Judith Greenwood-Speers 1200x630

Wolfe Island Flood Victims Ask for Help

Recently, I met with Wolfe Island flood victims, after being invited by residents to hear first-hand, their concerns. Months after the Trudeau Government signed Plan 2014, the controversial plan that raises water levels in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence watershed basin, Wolfe Island residents were flooded, and worse two years later. As the Member of Parliament […]

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Can Members of Parliament Pass A Firearms Quiz?

Despite losing seats in rural Canada, and losing the popular vote, Justin Trudeau is pressing ahead with his plan to ban firearms that look scary. The repeated calls in the Throne Speech to ban “military-style” and “assault-style” firearms should tell Canadians everything they need to know about Trudeau; he cares more about style than substance. […]

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