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NEWS RELEASE MP Cheryl Gallant Hosts Roundtable on Cannabis Legalization - 1200

Cheryl Gallant Hosts Roundtable on Cannabis Legalization

Starting October 17, recreational marijuana will be legal. While Trudeau may be buzzed about the idea, first responders including fire, as well as municipal officials, are concerned we are not ready. That was the consensus among participants, who attended a cannabis forum I recently hosted I particularly wish to thank Jim Miller of Renfrew for […]

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Let’s Talk Family-Run Campgrounds

This week, the Minister of Environment announced that she is holding consultations on Canada’s National Parks, under the title, “Let’s Talk Parks, Canada!”. I’d like to welcome the Minister to the conversation. I started this conversation last fall when I wrote to family run campgrounds across Canada. I asked them to support my petition calling […]

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Is Political Correctness Putting Canadians at Risk?

Is political correctness putting Canadians at risk? That question needs to be asked following ill-advised comments made by senior Trudeau advisors about the recent vote in Great Britain to leave the European Union (EU). The referendum vote for British Exit from the EU, dubbed “BREXIT,” while encouraging a debate on the benefits of trade, also […]

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