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trudeau anti science policy

Trudeau’s Anti-Science Policy Will Cost Lives, But You Can Change It

The Trudeau Liberals are ignoring overwhelming data and rigorous science to push a political agenda at the expense of funding policies proven to save lives. Right now, across the country, millions of law-abiding firearms owners are writing to Liberal Members of Parliament, pleading not to pursue a policy which will cost billions of tax dollars […]

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Trudeau Liberal Firearms Boondoggle

Could This Liberal Policy Be Canada’s Biggest Budgeting Boondoggle Ever?

Boondoggle Background A boondoggle is work or activity which is wasteful or pointless, but gives the appearance of having value. The long-gun firearms registry boondoggle was budgeted to cost $2 million and ended up costing over $2 billion before being scrapped. It was completely ineffective, and it went over budget by 1000%. Can you even […]

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Scary Looking Gun Hunt

Style Over Substance

Private property, heritage, culture, and firearms rights are bedrock issues for the people of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke. The Throne Speech is a clear attempt to change our culture. Lawful firearms owners are tired of being blamed for the failures of the Liberal party. Banning firearms in Canada to fight crimes committed in the United States is a […]

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Scary Looking Gun Hunt

Trudeau Whips Out His Fake Stats

With so much misinformation being pushed out by people with an agenda, it has been refreshing to see journalists like Global News’ Matt Gurney and CBC’s Evan Dyer, provide Canadians with a fuller picture of the facts, pushing back against anti-firearm propaganda being used by some police, politicians and activists. Matt Gurney’s article, Data shows Toronto’s gun […]

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NEWS RELEASE MP Gallant Parliament Needs to Get Back to Work April 13 2017

Trudeau Liberals to Punish Long-gun Owners

Attention to all owners of non-restricted firearms! Late on Friday afternoon of the May 24 weekend, the Trudeau Liberals announced an end to the Conservative general amnesty.  It was put in place to protect farmers and hunters from criminal prosecution. The amnesty prevented individuals, who own non-restricted firearms and had let their firearms licence expire on […]

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Cheryl Gallant Condemns Opposition Bill to Ban Firearms

Pembroke, Ontario… Cheryl Gallant, MP Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke is condemning Bill S-231, regressive opposition gun control legislation that would effectively ban firearms. This Bill was introduced days ago in the dying moments of the 41st Parliament. “This legislation shows total contempt and disrespect for hunters and sportshooters. Canadians need to ask why the Opposition waited till now […]

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