The Afghanistan Memorial, which was recently dedicated in secret by DND, on public display in the Hall of Honour on Parliament Hill in 2013.

Veterans and their Families Deserve Better

As the M.P. for Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke, home of Garrison Petawawa, I have always fought back against the Liberal Government’s hostility towards our brave women and men in uniform and our Veterans. Veterans and their families deserve better. Since the Liberal Party stole power in the 2015 election, there have been four and a half Veterans Affairs […]

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MP Cheryl Gallant at Senate Committe Hearings on C-68


Agricultural associations such as the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, the Grain Growers of Canada and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association have sounded the alarm over Bill C-68, the Liberal law they believe “will place a crippling regulatory burden on family-owned operations.” Bill C-68 amends the Fisheries Act. It could lead to puddles in farm fields being […]

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NEWS RELEASE Gallant Brings More Funding to Petawawa Heritage Village

Gallant Brings More Funding to Petawawa Heritage Village

I recently met with the Ann McIntyre, President of The Petawawa Heritage Society, to announce a $19,000 accessibility grant.  I would like to thank the Enabling Accessibility program for accepting Petawawa Heritage Society’s application. These funds will go towards building a walkway suitable for wheelchairs throughout the Petawawa Heritage Village. The project will start this […]

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NEWS RELEASE Trudeau Attacks Faith-based Organizations Again April 24 2019

Trudeau Attacks Faith-based Groups Again

The Liberal party sent the wrong Easter Message when it denied funding for summer students sponsored by faith-based organizations. Churches and other faith-based organizations should not be forced to choose between staying true to their values and seeking grants for summer students to help them run programs — from summer camps, homeless shelters to soup […]

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REPORT FROM PARLIAMENT Liberals Welcome Foreign Influence April 15 2019

Liberals Welcome Foreign Influence

The decision to oppose transparency legislation confirms the worst fears Canadians have about the governing Liberals. Their vote against Bill C-278, proves the federal Liberals are not concerned about foreign interference.  They are just using the issue to set up a censorship board for the upcoming federal election. The Foreign Lobbyist Transparency Act, which I […]

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