Report from Parliament

With the long-awaited resumption of Parliament, my Private Member’s legislation, Bill C-222, An Act to amend the Expropriation Act (protection of private property),is moving forward in Parliament. Bill C-222, which amends the Expropriation Act, is intended to provide some protections from government taking people’s property without compensation. Given the absence of property rights in the […]

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Veterans Week

Veterans deserve our thanks, not just on Remembrance Day, but every day – for their service, for their sacrifice, and for everything they have given in service of our country. There is a sacred trust between Canadians and those brave soldiers, sailors, and aircrew who have put service before self. Ensuring that our veterans and […]

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bill c-10 streaming tax

Trudeau Seeks To Tax and Censor the Internet

Fresh off Justin Trudeau’s limitations of free speech lecture tour, his Minister of Censorship introduced Bill C-10. Bill C-10, An Act to Amend the Broadcasting Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts, is a dangerous new Liberal bill that hands unbridled power to the government. It will to tax music and […]

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Do Liberals Support Tax Credit Promoters?

Cheryl Gallant, Member of Parliament for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, rose during Question Period today to ask the Revenue Minister why the government allows private companies to take thirty percent of Canadians’ emergency benefits. Cheryl Gallant: In May, I called on this government to limit the amount tax credit promoters could take from Canadians’ Canada Emergency Relief Benefit […]

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Trudeau Is Failing Women

Since the prime minister was slow to act back in January, the virus was allowed to infiltrate and spread across Canada for several months unchecked. While the government focused on cases and deaths, they completely ignored other types of casualties. TD Bank, while declared an essential service, used the pandemic as an excuse to close […]

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Seeking Support for Local Jobs

I rose during Adjournment Proceedings in Parliament yesterday to demand a more fulsome answer to the question I recently posed in Question Period asking the government to protect aerospace jobs in the Ottawa Valley. “Earlier this month, I asked the Minister of National Defence an important question regarding Canadian jobs, procurement and protecting the lives […]

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Hunting Season

Hunting Season

Autumn is a favorite time of year in the upper Ottawa Valley. It’s hunting season! It’s a time with friends and family we look forward to. Sadly, the traditional fall hunt for many Canadians may be drawing to an end. We are under attack by our own government. The latest plan to seize firearms is […]

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firearms buyback bluff

Was Firearms “Buy-Back” Just A Bluff?

Ottawa, ON – Cheryl Gallant, Member of Parliament for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke is demanding the Liberal Government scrap its recent prohibition of select firearms based on appearance following the cancellation of the tender for the design of a program to purchase the newly prohibited firearms. “What the Liberals announced in May was a policy without a plan,” […]

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hard drugs

Trudeau just decriminalized hard drugs

Justin Trudeau claims he just had to prorogue Parliament in order to plan for recovery. European countries have already implemented their plans. The Liberals are stretching out the democracy lockdown as long as they can. He says it has nothing to do with shutting down committees investigating the WE Charity-Trudeau Family Scandal. Now that he […]

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Will they let you know?

The hacking of thousands of MyCRA accounts has resulted in the shutdown of Canada Revenue Agency’s online account tools, including applications for COVID-19 benefits. The victims have had their direct deposit information changed, then seen emergency benefit claims made in their name. It is a troubling reminder of the continuing vulnerability of going all-digital. Giving […]

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