firearms buyback bluff

Was Firearms “Buy-Back” Just A Bluff?

Ottawa, ON – Cheryl Gallant, Member of Parliament for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke is demanding the Liberal Government scrap its recent prohibition of select firearms based on appearance following the cancellation of the tender for the design of a program to purchase the newly prohibited firearms. “What the Liberals announced in May was a policy without a plan,” […]

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hard drugs

Trudeau just decriminalized hard drugs

Justin Trudeau claims he just had to prorogue Parliament in order to plan for recovery. European countries have already implemented their plans. The Liberals are stretching out the democracy lockdown as long as they can. He says it has nothing to do with shutting down committees investigating the WE Charity-Trudeau Family Scandal. Now that he […]

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Will they let you know?

The hacking of thousands of MyCRA accounts has resulted in the shutdown of Canada Revenue Agency’s online account tools, including applications for COVID-19 benefits. The victims have had their direct deposit information changed, then seen emergency benefit claims made in their name. It is a troubling reminder of the continuing vulnerability of going all-digital. Giving […]

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Vice Admiral Mark Norman

Another investigation into Liberal foul play is on the way

While Canadians remain consumed by the health pandemic and the lurid WE Charity Trudeau family corruption scandal headlines, another controversy is brewing which has not received the attention it should. I am referring to the corrupt prosecution of a fine, outstanding Canadian Armed Forces Officer, former second in command Vice Admiral Mark Norman. Canadians may […]

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trudeau anti science policy

Trudeau’s Anti-Science Policy Will Cost Lives, But You Can Change It

The Trudeau Liberals are ignoring overwhelming data and rigorous science to push a political agenda at the expense of funding policies proven to save lives. Right now, across the country, millions of law-abiding firearms owners are writing to Liberal Members of Parliament, pleading not to pursue a policy which will cost billions of tax dollars […]

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Trudeau Liberal Firearms Boondoggle

Could This Liberal Policy Be Canada’s Biggest Budgeting Boondoggle Ever?

Boondoggle Background A boondoggle is work or activity which is wasteful or pointless, but gives the appearance of having value. The long-gun firearms registry boondoggle was budgeted to cost $2 million and ended up costing over $2 billion before being scrapped. It was completely ineffective, and it went over budget by 1000%. Can you even […]

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MP Gallant Gives Red Light to using Military Soldiers as COVID-19 Vaccine Test Subjects

Canadian military members should not be used as test subjects for the Ad5-nCoV vaccine given the green light for use in members of the Chinese military. News that the vaccine developed under the supervision of the Chinese military has already been approved for human testing in Canada, raises the concern that Canadian Military members will […]

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Asking the Competition Bureau To Investigate Big Telecoms

In a letter to Canada’s Competition Bureau Commissioner, I have requested an investigation into the anti-competitive practices of wholesale internet service providers in rural Canada. Despite successive governments providing hundreds of millions of dollars for rural broadband, the pandemic highlights the way large telecom providers have stymied development to extract large profits from citizens forced […]

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Why Paying Off the Media is Wrong

The first line in a story found only in the independent media said it all: “Publishers who take federal press subsidies should demonstrate ‘fair balance’ in content.” (Peter Julian MP June 2, 2020 – Standing Committee on Finance, as reported by Blacklock’s Reporter) Recently, an opinion piece masquerading as news showed up with the weekly […]

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